Jessica's Senior Photos

I’ve known Jessica’s family for years. We all used to live in the same ward in Alpine. I was so glad when she reached out to me to get her senior photos done! It’s always fun to work with returning clients again, especially such kind, beautiful people like these.

I remember being so nervous for this shoot because it was my first one since finding out I was pregnant! It was probably one of those fear of the unknown kind of situations. But I ended up making a mountain out of a mole hill, because it was smooth sailing for the whole session. That probably would’ve been a different story if I was in the end of the third trimester. That’s a whole different ball game.


We decided to keep it simple and stay in our gorgeous city of Alpine. We went to some old buildings for some fun texture and captured some of the pretty summer greenery. The weather was absolutely perfect. It was warm, but not so much that you get all sweaty from walking around. And the sun was getting low enough in the sky that we had that perfect golden lighting.


Can we talk about how gorgeous she is?! It always makes a shoot so fun when you’re basically working with a model! I have red hair too, and I always wished I had the red hair/green eyes combo. Green eyes have always been so dang pretty to me!


I love how her outfit was the perfect mix of summery, dressy, casual, and neutral. I’ve always kind of avoided white personally because I thought it would wash me out with my pale skin. But after seeing Jessica in her cute outfit, I’ve definitely changed my mind. I need a cute white shirt like this and some high waisted jeans!