A Little Introduction!

Hi! I’m Kaycie, a natural redhead born and raised in Utah. You’ll often find me at home in my pajamas with no makeup on dancing to ABBA with my baby girl. I’m a very stubborn perfectionist and lover of junk food and Sodalicious.


I started my photography journey for selfish reasons (to photograph my life with my new cute husband), but I’m so glad it’s turned into helping others instead. I’ve been professionally photographing families and couples for 4 years.

My style is timeless and true to color. I don’t want your photos to look like they have an outdated Instagram filter on them; I want them to stand the test of time. I’m constantly taking courses and learning new techniques to give you the best photos possible!


Let me tell you a little story. A couple of years ago, my own family got some professional photos done… in the middle of a rainstorm. “Well, why on earth would you do that, Kaycie?” Well, reader, because it was the only time all 8 of our schedules aligned perfectly, so we just had to suck it up and do it. Every time we look at that photo hanging in our house, we just laugh. Our photographer was able to get some really good shots, but she also gave some hilarious photos of us with rain-soaked dresses and crazy wind-blown hair. To this day, they’re some of my favorite family pictures of all time.


That’s my goal as a photographer: no, not to have it rain during your session! But to give you beautiful pictures of you and your people, and some of the magical in-between and funny moments. To me, those are the most treasured images.

Want to connect with me? Instagram is my jam and my favorite place to post. Come find me HERE.