Kellie and Jace Wedding at Red Butte Gardens

When I found out this wedding was being held at the Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake, I was excited. I mean, who wouldn’t love an outdoor garden wedding? But I hadn’t been there before and guys, I was NOT prepared for how gorgeous it was there! I’m this close to moving to Salt Lake just to get a pass to visit these gardens weekly. Yeah, they’re THAT pretty.


We got to be fancy and ride around on a golf cart to all the picturesque photo taking spots. There was the beautiful pond, the flowery gardens by the waterfall, and then my favorite: the wisteria. Apparently this stunning wisteria only blooms for about 2 weeks out of the year, so Kellie and Jace made sure to book their wedding during that window. And I have to say that it’s one the of the prettiest places I can imagine getting married. Not much else can top that.


Let’s talk about her dress! It is the prettiest shade of light blush, and it looked amazing on her! I like that was a little non-traditional in that sense. My wedding dress wasn’t white either!


I’m lucky enough to be Kellie’s cousin. When I went to her bridal shower, they had asked Jace a bunch of questions beforehand and had Kellie guess what he said. If she got it wrong, she had to put a piece of bubble gum in her mouth. Ha ha! There were a couple of questions that were so cute:

“What do you think is Kellie’s best feature?”

Jace answered, “Her laugh. It’s amazing. Her eyes are a very close second.”


“What first attracted you to Kellie?”

He said, “Her personality. Her looks helped a lot, but she really got me by just being herself.”

Awwww, can you even handle that? I’m so glad they found each other.