Linnea and Cade

I’ve been friends with my cute friend Linnea since high school. I don’t even remember how we specifically met, but we’ve been doing crazy, silly things together for years and years. Once, we went to Walmart in our friend’s dress ups and bought popsicles at midnight. Now, almost 10 years later, it makes me shake my head in embarrassment. Another time, we thought it would be cool to buy baguettes (which was handy, because at the time I worked at a bakery) and have a baguette sword fight on a roundabout. I wish there was photo documentation of that… or maybe not. What can I say? We were young.

I’m so happy that my cute friend found her love! Cade is such a fun, nice guy. And he completely gets along with my husband, so I see some game nights in our future.

It was handy to have our history together, because we were both able to be totally silly and joke around to loosen up and get the cute shots. Or maybe I was the one making terrible jokes and they were just being polite. Ha, either way, there was no awkward or stiff posing here!

I also have to say that these photos are a tad outdated because now they have a cute baby boy who is the same age as my little girl! Pretty cute that we had our babies in the same month, huh?

This session was one where the weather was being a little iffy, so we were debating whether or not we should go through with it. It ended up being overcast and lovely for these fall photos, and I’m glad we went for it! These gorgeous mature, golden trees made for a gorgeous background. I know it’s only August, but man, I’m already itching for fall and to take more pictures like this again!