Ryan Senior and Missionary Photos

I met Ryan through my brother-in-law. He’s actually his brother! I’m so glad we were able to set up this shoot.


His family are some of the friendliest and most hilarious people you will ever meet. If I could pick a second set of in-laws, it would be these guys, hands down. His parents and sister were there for the session as well, and I thought it was fun that they came. I can get genuine smiles out of people, but it’s a lot faster and easier when the family is there making faces and jokes.


Ryan had his mission papers all turned it and was about to graduate high school, so we needed to get some senior pictures done for his announcement and for his upcoming mission! This photo shoot was pre-mission call. Now I know that he’s been called to the Roseville California mission! I’m so excited for him, it will be such an incredible experience. And he’s leaving in the next month or two, it’s sneaking up fast! He seemed to be stoked to go, so I know he’ll have a good time.


We discussed a few fun locations, and I’m so glad he picked this one. This area of Lehi has such a cool variety of old buildings and textured walls. So, we had plenty of options for different pictures and styles. I love the vintage feel of this area and it’s one of my favorite locations.


The weather was a little cloudy when we showed up to the location. I was getting a little worried about rain, but we turned out just fine! (Though I’m secretly hoping for a rainstorm toward the end of an engagement shoot because how romantic would that be?!) We got the cool clouds in the blue sky for some of the shots, but it wasn’t too sunny, you know?